Gifting is a celebration of a moment in time. One that finds emotional resonance in the crafting of that exquisite object meant to honor that momentous occasion.

Whether that’s recognizing your employee’s achievements, celebrating a milestone anniversary or birthday, or creating a memento  for your valued clients.

Our lapel pins, cuff links or diamonds carry a rich heritage. They bear the craftsmanship of 8 decades of the jeweler behind it: N Gopaldaas, established in 1929 at Trichy in India.

We are delighted to welcome you to the world of gifting ideas at Mond. Where every impression you make, leaves a mark behind in the sands of time…

When it comes to creating intricately designed pieces for personalized corporate gifting, maintaining care over every single link of our customer service chain becomes important.

As the only jeweler to have an in-house manufacturing unit, we have over time, garnered the reputation for uncompromising quality.

Our in-house jewelry manufacturing at Trichy ensures we create unique masterpieces reflecting superior quality and finish.

From concept to execution, our creative design team develops authentic, signature pieces within stringent deadlines and as per the requirements our clients.

At Mond, we see exemplary customer service as gift in itself to our customers. After all, customer satisfaction Is the invaluable barometer that defines how well our brand connects.

As means to achieving this end, we invest in excellent standards of in –house staff recruiting and training that ensure core competencies of our staff are upgraded to offer impeccable customer service.

In Keeping with shifting market dynamics and trends, we always endeavor to offer our customers the latest in-line products to match their expectations.

Unmatched service and hospitality standards have been a consistent tradition: our department leads have been a part of Gopaldaas for over 80 years with expertise in bringing our customers the finest jewelry and service. It’s a tradition that continues to radiate.

We see every challenge as an opportunity to showcase our strengths in the world of corporate gifting. Whether that means working to a demanding timeline in production an overnight delivery of a set number of units to mass production of bulk units.

When it comes to finding the best gifting collection at the best price, we offer you the assurance of timeless quality. At the best rates you can find in the market. Made possible by the direct sourcing of diamonds and gems.

Corporate gifts are not just about giving or receiving. They are about rewarding memorable moments, whether that means recognizing or motivating employees or prompting one’s business by rewarding clients.

Our range of customizable gifts is perfect for any occasion. Based on every client’s request, they can be branded with the client’s logo and brand colors. Our gift ideas are not just well designed, they are also designed to fit every need and budget.

They are ways to show the people who have helped build your company how much you care. Mond has some truly inspiring, memorable gifting ideas that are a rewarding recognition of their achievements.

We offer customized corporate jewelry, Using individual and specific birthstones and precious stones as references.

These are wonderful and evocative ways of expressing your finest intention in gifting for their birthdays, work anniversaries or their contributions.

When it comes to your most prized clients that demand the highest premium standards in gifting, we can provide the expertise of our exclusive and customized, intricately hand crafted designs. They Signal personalized attention for all our VIP customers. Most importantly, they leave behind a signature of the highest exclusivity.

Maintaining corporate relations goes a long way in building a brand image. Give your clients and vendors, gifts that they will cherish and remember forever. Especially when they are clients that have stuck with you through time.

Mond understands that a book can be judged by its cover. That’s why we pay close attention to the packaging of your gifts, for you to make that first impression.

We engrave the name of the receiver, either on to the package directly or on a plaque. Every package is carefully handcrafted to set it apart, while matching the standards of the gift item inside, with intricate and elegant designs that are a pleasure to receive.


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