Terms & Conditions


Amina Jewellers L.L.C. represents N Gopaldaas Jewellers from India.

Most of the terms and conditions of N Gopaldaas Jewellers are applied at Amina Jewellers LLC.  Where the local UAE law differs, the UAE Laws will prevail.

  1. Life Time Free Service: N Gopaldaas Jewellery Offers Free Repair and Polish Service for All Minor repairs and polishes on all Gold and Diamond Jewellery purchased from us, for the entire life term of the jewel.

1.1 The Original Invoice has to be produced each time to claim this offer.

1.2 Exclusions:

  • This offer is not applicable for Silver products.
  • This Offer is Not Applicable for Jewellery which cannot be polished, reworked or repaired in our Manufacturing Unit, i.e., for repairs that are outsourced.
  • Any tampering of the jewel, repairing outside the company will nullify the company Free Service, exchange, return, repurchase policy and the article will be treated as if it was not purchased from us. In such cases, the company shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever.

1.3 Charges will be levied for Additional Materials used that are needed for the repair or restoration of the Jewel.

1.4 We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

1.5 In Case of special, unforeseen circumstances, we may refuse to provide this offer.

  1. Conditions and Terms of Sales
  • Customers are requested to verify all the details of the jewellery while taking the delivery. Once the goods are delivered, no complaints or disputes shall be entertained.
  • Any inquiry pertaining to the jewellery will be addressed only if the Original Invoice And Original IGI/ GIA/ N Gopaldaas Jewellery certificate / Guarantee card is produced along with the jewellery. Kindly ensure that you collect them and store them carefully for any future reference.
  • The Company guarantees the purity of gold and quality of Diamonds, Nature of Gem Stones as specified in the Invoice.
  • The weight and quantity as measured by the Company shall be final and binding. Kindly check the Gross Weight before taking delivery.
  • For the Net Weight and Weight of Stones set in the jewellery, the company assures the weight before they were set in the Jewellery and any concern regarding this can be checked with us.
  • Should there be a concern or a doubt in this regard; the stones, enamel, etc will need to be dismounted from the jewel. All cost and charges for the same and remaking will have to be paid by the client additionally.
  • Certain type of jewellery is billed on gross weight and we cannot guarantee the exact Net Weight of the metal for such jewels. In case your product is one of these, kindly check the required details with the sales person before taking delivery of the product.
  • Pls Note: Tarnishing of Diamond Jewellery, Gold Jewellery and Silver Jewellery and utensils is Not a Manufacturing Defect. Pls refer to Sec 4.12 for details
  • Payment: Cash Only upto Aed 50000/-. Bank Transfer, and Most Visa, Master Cards are accepted. We also accept Cheques towards payments.
  • In All payment options other than cash, delivery of the product would be done after the Cheque/transfer is realized and the payment is received in our account.
  • Copies of Emirates ID, Passport or Identity proof and all such relevant documents as per the local laws are mandatorily required to be given during any Purchase/transaction.
  • We do not allow any Due OR Credit on our bills.
  • Products will be delivered ONLY after 100% payment is received by the Company.
  1. Conditions and Terms for Customised Orders And Repairs

3.1.1 Consent form needs to be signed by the Customer while placing the order.

3.2 For Diamond Jewellery- 75 % and for Gold Jewellery -100 % of the Total Estimated Value of the product has to be paid in advance for us to commence the work. Balance 25% amount has to be paid on or before taking delivery of the product.

3.3 The Rate of Gold as confirmed On the Order Form will be applicable. Kindly ensure that you have confirmed the Applicable Gold Rate with the Sales person before placing the order.

3.3.1 If 100% of Advance for the Gold is not paid, Rate on the date of order or that of the delivery, whichever is higher would be charged to the client.

3.4   Order once booked cannot be cancelled or changed / modified. In case the order is cancelled before delivery; the client will have to compensate for all costs, charges to the company.

3.5 Delivery of All articles can be taken only by producing the original order / repair receipt.

3.6 Payment: Same as 2.8

3.7 Order Time Lines:All orders / repairs will be delivered after 6.00 P.M on the due date mentioned in the Order Form.

3.7.1  N Gopaldaas Jewellers takes utmost care to complete the order in the time stipulated on the Order Form. However, as all our jewellery is hand crafted either Partially or Fully, there are chances of it getting delayed. Delivery date specified in the order form is only an indicative date. The actual delivery date may vary depending upon the type of jewellery. In case of a delay, the company can’t be held responsible and is not liable to give any compensation to the client for and due to the delay.

3.8 Order and repair articles, once ready would be intimated to the client by call, message or mail.

3.9 The articles need to be collected within 30 days of intimation, beyond which- the company will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the ordered or repair article.

3.10 Delayed pickup of delivery will attract additional charges over and above those already agreed during the placement of the order.

3.11 All Jewellery is handcrafted either partially or fully. Hence the reproduction may not be identical as per the sample or design provided. A variation in design and weight is likely to be there, which is unavoidable. The company takes extreme care in making such pieces but can’t be hold responsible for any such variation in the product.

3.12 Each of our jewels bears a seal, showing purity in terms percentage. Kindly ensure the same before taking delivery.

3.13 N Gopaldaas reserves the right to cancel any order, at any stage or time. It’s completely at the company’s discretion.

4. Orders Using Clients Raw Materials and/or Stones AND Orders Received for Repair

4.1       We undertake orders using Customer’s Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds, Gems, beads, etc., of Natural Origin or otherwise under the following conditions.

4.1.1    A Consent form, accepting the Terms and Conditions, needs to be signed by the Customer,  while placing orders.

4.2 The company does not take responsibility, or guarantee or kind of assurance regarding the Quality, Nature of and for the Diamonds, Gems, Beads, Natural or otherwise received from the customer for purposes of Valuation, Making, Remaking and Repair4.3 The Company shall Levy an extra Handling Charge for making a jewel with customer’s diamonds / Gem stones (Indicative Charges – Diamonds – Aed 250-500/- per carat for Gem stones). Please check the charges for your stones with your Sales Person before placing the order.

4.4 The Weight or quantity of such products measured by us shall be final and binding. Do check the specific details of your product with the Sales person before confirming the order.

4.5 The company assures that it will use the Same Stones as Given by the client and Shall not change or replace without the specific request of the client.

4.6 For Customer Beads, Corals, Pearls and such other things, the stones or beads may have to be drilled, or pasted as required for the Jewellery to be made. We will take utmost care in setting, drilling, pasting, stringing of such diamonds, gem stones, beads while using them to make the customers Jewel.

4.6.1 The client agrees to permit the company to do the same and agrees to pay for the additional charges if any, for the same.

4.7 However, jewellery making being an intricate process, there are chances of breakage of these diamonds, stones, beads. In cases of such incidents, the company does not take responsibility and no compensation will be made to the client.

4.8 However, we may help the client repair, reset, replace the stones. It is subject to the availability of such similar stones. And All Costs for this has to be borne by the Customer.

4.9 In all such cases where we have used the Clients Metal, stones, gems, beads etc., the Company’s Seal may Not be affixed on such jewellery.

4.10 During Repair, re-polish of Jewellery, while re-polishing and reworking on the jewellery, the dust and dirt vanishes, and there could also be a minor metal loss, breakage of Gems, stones, etc. This is a part of the restoration process and The company cannot be held responsible for such weight loss or damage to stones.

4.11 In case of enamel painted & rhodium coated jewellery, the enamel paint may wear off and the luster of rhodium coating may reduce / fade / disappear /melt during repair. Machine made jewellery, when repaired, soldering parts might be rough and visible. The company cannot be held responsible for any change in the appearance of these jewels. No compensation /refund / exchange can be demanded in all such cases.

4.12 Tarnishing of Diamond Jewellery, Gold Jewellery and Silver Jewellery and utensils is Not a Manufacturing Defect. Tarnishing: We do not guarantee Non-Oxidation of the metal (Gold and Silver). Tarnishing (Turning black of the Diamond Jewellery, Gold Jewellery or Silver articles) on the surface or at the soldering or on any part of the jewel, cannot be considered as a sign of impurity. Oxidation is a natural phenomenon. Hence in such cases the customer is not entitled to apply for a free exchange or refund or re-polish or remaking or replacement of the article. The Repair and Polishing charges will apply.

4.13 Customers are requested to verify the weight of all things given by them when they give for repair, and all other details, including the specifications written and mentioned in the Order or repair form before confirming the order.

4.14 When not done so, the weight or quantity as measured by the Company shall be final and binding.

4.15 Special Offers, discounts and promotions are not applicable for orders using client’s stones and any repair items

4.16 Orders and Repair once confirmed cannot be cancelled, changed or modified. For any changes requested the customer has to pay additional charges as applicable.

4.17 Other terms and conditions are akin to norms and business custom.

4.18 VAT, other taxes and charges and surcharges are excluded in the prices quoted, unless otherwise mentioned. The rate of tax prevailing on the date of billing is applicable.

4.19 The Customer is informed of this and accepts to take the risk and requests the company to proceed with the order and the customer is not entitled for any compensation or free replacement. All Charges towards such replacements are also to be borne by the customer.


5.1       Jewels once purchased cannot be returned for refund. It can only be exchanged with a similar product.  For e.g. – Diamond jewellery can be exchanged only with diamond jewellery.

5.2       Original invoice & Guarantee card is mandatorily required for any query regarding the jewellery. It has to be produced for any exchange, repurchase and replacement. In absence of original invoice, no exchange, repurchase, replacement shall be entertained.

5.3       There shall be NO Exchange and Repurchase of Solitaire Diamonds, Gem stones, Custom made jewels, Special Orders.  Please check with your sales person before ordering and/or taking delivery of your product.

5.4       Special Offers, discounts and promotions cannot be clubbed with any Exchange and/or Repurchase.

5.5       Exchange or Repurchase of jewellery will go through internal checking and valuation process.  To confirm jewellery value & condition we may take 3 – 7 working days. Kindly ask the store manager for the prevalent Process and exact details.

5.6       For Any Exchange – Making Charges, Wastage, Value Addition and Taxes would be applicable for the new product.

5.7       The exchange of a purchased article or jewellery in any country/ state/ store other than Store of original purchase may attract adjustments to the value on account of Exchange Rates, Local Taxes, any regulations, conditions, policies prevailing in the respective Country, State, Store. The difference will have to be paid or accepted as applicable, by the customer.

5.8       Goods Purchased at Discounts are NOT Eligible for Exchange, Refund or Return.

5.9       Any Discounts given in the invoice will have to be paid in Full before being Eligible for Exchange, Return or Repurchase.

5.10     For any exchange / repurchase Only the Material Value of the Product is taken. All other Charges like Value addition, Making Charges, Designing Charges, Wastage and Taxes etc. will not be compensated.

5.11 The calculation of the Metal Value and Diamond value will be as explained in the table below (The percentage in the table is a general working and is subject to Change as per the market conditions)

Type of Article Product Exchange Re-Purchase
Diamond Jewellery Only Diamonds* 90% to 100% of Diamond & Net Weight of Gold* 80% to 85% of net Gold wt. value & 35% per ct less from the diamond rate mentioned in the product invoice*
Gems Stones with diamond* 90% of Diamond weightt & 100% of Net weight of Gold* Gem stones cannot be exchanged 80% to 85% of net Gold wt. value & 35% per ct less from the diamond rate mentioned in the product invoice* Gem stones cannot be repurchased
Gemstones- Precious, Semi-precious, Artificial, Synthetic, Stones Jewellery 100% of Net Weight of Gold* Stones cannot be exchanged. 95% of Net Gold weight*. Stones cannot be repurchased.
Plain Gold Gold Coins (916) Check Current Prevailing Policy Check Current Prevailing Policy
Gold Coins 24 kt Check Current Prevailing Policy Check Current Prevailing Policy
Plain Gold, Platinum Jewellery (22kt/18kt) 100% of Gold, Platinum weight @ prevailing rate*. Check Current Prevailing Policy
Antique (Jadau) Jewellery Jewellery with lacquer or any other material 70% of product value excluding taxes & other charges. 60% of product value excluding taxes & other charges.
Silver Silver- Handmade articles 100% of Net weight of Silver *. 80% value of net weight of Silver @ prevailing rate*.
Silver Anklets, Machine made Articles 80% of Net weight of Silver as mentioned in the invoice*. 70% of net weight of Silver @ prevailing rate*.

*—Weight as measured during the return or as in the invoice, whichever is lower alone will be taken into account. Any wear & tear, damage will be checked in a jewel & if found, it may affect the % of exchange, repurchase. In all the above cases, Company’s Valuation / Decision would be final.

5.12     All Percentages mentioned in the Table above refer to the weight of the product and not the metal purity.

5.13     The above table is only to arrive at the Value of the Old Jewel which is presented for Exchange or Repurchase. Charges for the New Jewellery during exchange will be as per the New Product being purchased. These are two different transactions of Purchase and Sales and cannot be clubbed. Kindly Note: During special offers and promotions this Exchange Policy will not apply. Promotions and Special Offers are varied and kindly check the relevant policy application for each promotion.

5.14     Any tampering of the Jewel, repairing outside the company will nullify the company exchange, return, repurchase policy and the article will be treated as if it was not purchased from us. In such cases, the company shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever.

5.15     In case our purchase value exceeds Aed 1500/-, the payment shall be made only by an A/c. payee cheque or Bank Transfer (NEFT / RTGS). No Cash payment can be made.

5.16     Taxes as Prevailing on the date of Exchange, Purchase and Re-Purchase will be as applicable.

5.17     In the opinion of the company, if there is any Manufacturing defect, the said item can be exchanged for 100% of its Value paid and nothing more.

5.18     However, kindly Note that this can be exchanged ONLY with a similar product.

5.19     Any such request has to be made within 3 days of purchase. The replacement is subject to the availability of such similar jewel.

5.20     If the value of the new jewel is less than that of the original jewel, a credit note will be issued for the difference of amount.

5.20.1  Such Credit Notes have to be utilized within one Year from the date of the Credit Note being issued.

5.20.2  Otherwise, it will lapse after this period and cannot be utilized thereafter.

5.20.3  Further, the credit note can be used only against a Similar Product against which the credit note was issued.

5.20.4  If the value of the new jewel is more than that of the original jewel, the difference needs to be paid by the Customer.

5.21 Other terms and conditions are akin to common norms and business custom, conforming to the prevailing laws.

N Gopaldaas Jewellery reserves the right to amend, modify, upgrade, discontinue, charge or vary the any and all of the above policies and/or terms & conditions at any time, without prior notice or intimation from time to time at the sole discretion of the Company based on the market conditions and government norms. The Management’s Decision is final.