About Us


With a heritage spanning over 80 years, N Gopaldaas has become synonymous with authentic design, excellence and premium quality.

With hard – earned experience of over 8 decades, every piece of jewellery at N Gopaldaas speaks of our craft. We specialize in diamond jewellery along with ornaments made using other birthstones and gemstones. Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires (Pink, yellow, orange, green, blue), Tanzanites, Tourmalines, Garnets and Amethysts are just some of the stones we work with.

Having carved a name among the Indian diaspora, our goal is to reach out to the local community here in the UAE. Transcending barriers, we brought our expertise and skill to appease Arabic tastes and thus Amina Jewelers was born. We found this to be our scope to fuse our values with local tastes and rather successfully.


We are the only jeweler with an in-house manufacturing unit. Our dedication to quality assures that every stone we deliver has the full weight of our reputation and integrity standing behind it.

Our guarantee of a good product comes with the assurance of trust. Here’s why you should trust us:


Over the years, our craftsmen have been trained to create masterpieces that are unique, intricate, expressive and elegant. At N Gopaldaas, we promise and deliver perfection that has been honed over generations of creating some of the finest jewellery in the region and around the world.

Wide Range

The journey of creating unique works of art starts by sourcing extraordinary diamonds and gemstones. Our collections include jewellery made from precious and semi precious stones that boast of superior quality and unmatched finish. Over the years, our range has brought us loyalty and commanded faith from customers, the world over.


Our creative design team develops original unique styles within a short span of time. Our craftsmen are trained to provide customers with what are regarded as masterpieces within a matter of days. We take on challenges head on and strive to meet deadlines as per the requirements of the clientele.


Our jewellery is IGI and GIA certified, both of which are regarded as hallmark of integrity and excellence in the world of jewellery. By providing a professional, independent evaluation, we give our customers the confidence of uncompromised and exceptional quality.