Aquamarine stones are stunning and unique gemstones that have been cherished for centuries. These beautiful stones are a variety of mineral beryl and are known for their striking blue-green colour. The name “aquamarine” comes from the Latin words “aqua” meaning water, and “marina” meaning the sea, perfectly capturing the essence of this gemstone.

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One of the most notable features of aquamarine is its colour, which can range from a pale blue to a deep, rich blue-green. The intensity of the colour can vary depending on the location where the stone was mined and the quality of the stone. The most prized aquamarine stones are those with a deep, saturated colour. Aquamarine is also known for its transparency and clarity, which makes it a popular choice for jewellery. The stone is often cut into various shapes, including rounds, ovals, and emerald cuts, to showcase its beauty. It is also a relatively hard stone, making it durable and suitable for everyday wear.

Aquamarine has a long history of being used in jewellery and has been associated with a variety of meanings and legends. Many ancient cultures believed that the stone had healing powers and could protect against negative energy. It was also thought to bring good luck and improve relationships.

Today, aquamarine is still a popular choice for jewellery, particularly in engagement and wedding rings. It is also a popular choice for other types of jewellery, such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. One of the most famous aquamarine stones is the "Dom Pedro Aquamarine," which is a massive stone weighing more than 243 pounds. It was discovered in Brazil in the early 1990s and is currently on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.

Aquamarine Stones Dubai

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